Research For Policy

Samahi Research undertakes research on key policy areas for South Sudan and region to inform in country debate on policy options, build research capacity and provide input into policy making processes of concern to South Sudan and the region. Samahi Research is focused on bridging the vast policy oriented research gap by providing relevant, solid research for policy to policy makers and other stakeholders. As the Afrobarometer Network National Partner for South Sudan, Samahi Research is well positioned to facilitate policy making processes and contribute to the policy debate across Africa. The Afrobarometer Poll is the most recognizable and rigorous public opinion poll on democracy and development conducted in Africa. It is conducted in over 34 countries across the African continent. The Afrobarometer Network provides a platform for African that the African citizen’s opinion about democracy and development are heard and made part of the public policy debate through producing scientifically reliable data and analysis on public opinion in sub-Saharan Africa. Our research for policy agenda is crafted on the most pressing concerns for South Sudan’s development

  • Education
  • Health
  • Economy & Trade
  • Other policy issues pertinent to the context

Market Research

Corporate companies and Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) operating in the complex business environment of South Sudan face similar challenges in accessing accurate information to guide critical decision making for their businesses. Samahi Research has established longstanding relationships and provided excellent market research solutions to an assortment of private companies in South Sudan. Through our experience serving business market leaders in the Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Petroleum sectors, we have harnessed the most effective mechanisms to achieve their business objectives. We have engaged with SMEs and startups in defining and refining their goals by providing information that ensures they understand their consumers and the market. Scope of our Market Research Services

  • Customer Retention & Churn
    Enabling our clients to increase their customer retention rate and provide recommendations to stem the loss of customers.
  • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction Research
    In order to understand customer behavior, the Customer Satisfaction surveys enable us to benchmark customer satisfaction and track company performance over time to keep customers engaged with the company’s products and services.
  • Brand Research
    Brand Management is impossible without factual data on customer perceptions on the services of the products and services
  • Product Development Research
    Introducing a new product or service in the market can be a challenging exercise, we make this easier by testing the assumptions and hypothesis behind the proposed success of the product and provide recommendations to improve this process.
  • Salary/Employee Satisfaction Research
    Salary surveys identifying satisfaction drivers by processing employee perceptions of jobs, benefits, work environment, personal and career development and alignment with company values, mission and vision

Monitoring And Evaluation

In response to the growing need for evidence based programming in the development sector in South Sudan, Samahi Research has introduced a new feature of our research services targeting development organizations. As part of our strategy for this year, we are offering affordable M&E interventions designed to enhance the performance of development organizations by focusing on bolstering their M&E systems, ensuring good quality analysis and reporting of program data and improving the response to donor and stakeholder requirements.
Scope of our Monitoring & Evaluation Services
  • M&E Research
  • M&E Advisory
M&E Research
Baseline Surveys – to establish a benchmark for Project Performance Monitoring Every project has a starting point against which measures of project performance are compared. This is the baseline and it marks the conditions of the intervention area prior to project implementation. Our team of experts conducts baseline surveys for organizations imparting useful and timely information for benchmarking indicators and for reviewing outcomes of the projects.
Assessments – for clear understanding of intervention implications
Periodically, a project will conduct assessments to gauge project progress and understand implications resulting from project interventions. Our assessments are tailor suited to the project’s research objectives and provide ready information to fill information gaps and facilitate decision making. Based on the project design & project cycle, we conduct assessments at all stages of the project cycle.
Independent Monitoring – for remote Project Monitoring & spot checks on project sites
Where access to field sites for project monitoring is a challenge or partners on the ground are non- responsive, we train and deploy teams to conduct spot checks and provide reports on the status of the situation on the ground. We lead the routine monitoring by updating and tracking indicators, developing tools, data analysis and reporting for organizations.
Impact Evaluations – to understand the impact of the project of the problem
Evaluations are conducted to understand the level and nature of impact a project has had at resolving the Problem. Attribution of results to projects is a key aspect of impact evaluations. At Samahi, we ensure organizations are kept abreast of the confounding factors affecting their projects through mid-term evaluations and support the articulation of project progress and performance through end term evaluations.
Project Communication Support – to articulate project information & results to audiences through appropriate channels
In this information era, communication is an important part of any organization’s strategy. Project results, news pieces, success stories and progress updates are all examples of information that should be disseminated in different ways using outlet channels such as dissemination events, media and social media. At Samahi, our communication experts help organizations identify the best strategies with which to engage their audiences by articulating targeted messaging and communicating the right information to the right audience. We provide project communications support through
  • Developing and implementing communications strategies,
  • Media relations,
  • Annual report documentation & dissemination i.e. Newsletters and Annual Reports and
  • Social Media Visibility Management
  • Organizing launches and dissemination events

  • M&E Advisory
    Situational & Contextual Analyses – for Project Design, Planning & Strategy
    Before a project is designed and implemented, it is important to understand the context within which the intervention should be implemented. An analysis of the social, political and economic dynamics as well as the behavior of key actors is imperative. Samahi has the local knowledge and expertise to conducts situational analysis using tools such as problem and solution trees as well as other participatory tools. Information that will be generated here will be useful in the design of programmes.
    Project Design & Planning – for Effective and Impactful Project Implementation
    Effective programming begins with sound design and planning. At Samahi, we design top notch and relevant projects aimed at achieving meaningful impact. Our team of proposal design experts will enhance your proposal writing process, guide the design of comprehensive M&E systems, ensuring that indicators, results frameworks and monitoring plans are effectively able to measure organization performance. Our team is well oriented with various donor programming and reporting requirements. We are able to synthesize and consolidate your project information and results and communicate to your donors and stakeholders in a structured form for review meetings and processes.
    Performance & Effectiveness Monitoring Management – for Responsive Project Performance Management
    Performance management is key for project effectiveness. An organization needs to understand the level performance at every stage of its project cycle to inform key decision making during the life of the project. Our team at Samahi designs Key Performance Indicators suited to an organization’s objectives and provide practical & constructive input during at the inception, implementation and the end of the project cycle. As part of sustainability and ownership, we conduct M&E trainings for project staff and partners